Drop Shipping Service


Because we have no minimum orders we can just as easily send a delivery directly to your customer as sending it to you.

This saves you time and money and offers an impressive service for your customers. You only pay one delivery charge instead of paying for goods to be shipped to you, then paying again to ship onwards. We simply send the goods directly to your customer under plain label, providing you with a tracking number.

To make use of this service you simply place an order as normal, putting your own details in the invoice address section. However you then put the customers address in the delivery address section. When we dispatch you will get a copy of your invoice plus tracking information to help you provide your customer with up to date information on the delivery should you wish to.

This means you can virtually 'fire and forget' your orders. You can put our products on your website, take orders and payment and place the order on us, job done. How easy is that going to make selling our products? With your permission we will even deal with returns and repairs for you. You simply charge for the service.

Please rest assured we conform to the highest levels of data protection. Any information you provide to Regael will never be sold on, provided to third parties, used for any kind of marketing or in any other way other than to provide an anonymous deliver service on your behalf.