Norica MOD N.A.C 1703 - 4.5mm BB

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Product Description

The N.A.C 1703 is a realistic model of a model that was created for the military and police purposes as more than 30 law enforcement agencies use and trust this model of pistol. This pistol is durable, comfortable and is engineered with a lot of detail to really match the real version of the pistol. The pistol is built on a strong polymer frame and reinforced with a metal slide to make this pistol the most accurate replica of the real pistol. The integrated rail on the pistol is ready for you to add any tactical accessories you chose to the pistol, like a laser or flashlight.

The pistol fires 4.5 mm BBs, and is powered by a 12 g CO2 capsule that is inside the magazine. The magazine of the pistol holds 21 BBs ready to fire.

Product Code: NOR1703

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