Terms & Conditions


Regael is a trade-only wholesaler and will not supply to the general public. To open an account with Regael, go to the Register page and complete the form. Once your account has been approved by a member of our team, you will be able to view the trade prices and price breaks at your leisure, before placing your orders online.


The risk in all goods passes to the customer upon receipt of goods. Ownership of goods passes to the customer once full payment has been received. Until payment for goods is received, ownership of goods remains with Regael. Notice of non-delivery of goods must be made in writing, to Regael, within 14 days of the date of invoice, otherwise, claims will be rejected.


All prices are subject to change without notice. Prices charged will be those that are valid at the time of the invoice. All prices are listed ex-VAT and are subject to the rate of VAT at the time of dispatch. Carriage is subject to the current rate of VAT.


All returns must be authorised by a member of the Regael team. Returns are at the owner’s risk, and at the owner’s cost in protective packaging to prevent damage in transit. Returned goods must be accompanied by written details of the sender, the reason for the return, a full explanation of fault (if applicable), action requested, proof of purchase, return address, and any other relevant information. Failure to provide any of the above information will delay the resolution.


Goods purchased from Regael must not be directly or indirectly sold or disposed of outside of the country where they were purchased, without prior written consent from Regael management.