Norica Dead Eye GRS .22

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Product Description

Norica are rifle brand from Spain that provides shooters with accuracy and full power for excelent performance either down the range or in the field. The Dead Eye lives up to its name and provides some of the most consistant shooting in the whole Norica range.

One of the reasons for this is the Dead Eye features a Recoil Absorption System (RAS) that has been designed to reduce felt recoil by up to 40% for far better control than the rifles counterparts.

The Stock of the Dead Eye comes equipped with an adjustable cheekpiece and a comfortable rubber butt pad that helps further reduce recoil and ensure that all shooters can use this gun effectively.

Calibre : .22
Weight : 3.0 kg
Barrel Length : 474 mm
Total Length : 1155 mm

• Anti-shock synthetic stock
• Fully adjustable cheek-piece
• Polymer jacketed high grade steel barrel
• Fully adjustable trigger. Silver plated metal trigger blade
• Fiber optic micrometric open sights
• Front sight protected by steel hood
• Reduced cocking effort
• Automatic safety
• Picatinny rails on both sides
• 11 mm dovetail rail

Please note - Optical sight for illustration purposes only

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