ProShot Precision Pellet Sample Pack .22

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Product Description

This sample pack from ProShot Precision contains 20 of each of the below pellets, along with a pack of targets and an instructional sheet to allow the airgun user to sample the range of pellets from ProShot without buying whole tins. Once the customer has attained what the best pellet for their rifle of pistol is in terms of accuracy and consistency they can then continue purhcasing that pellet from then on knowing it will work in their firearm. 

The pellets included are... 

ProShot Penetrator .22
ProShot Perdere .22
ProShot Practice Heavy .22
ProShot Precision .22
ProShot Precision Heavy .22
ProShot Precision Heavy Copper .22
ProShot Precision Magnum .22
ProShot Precision Pacifier .22
ProShot Predator .22
ProShot Professional Long Range .22

Product Code: PSSP22

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