Zbroia Kozak .22

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Product Description

The Kozak is a full powered air rifle made by Ukranian Company, Zbroia. The Bulpup design offers a lightweight rifle without having to reduce the length of the barrel meaning you get the most accuracy out of it. This matched with the Full length shroud makes for one of the most silent but incredibly accurate PCP Rifles on the market today. 

Shooting at 11.5 ft /lbs The Zbroia kozak is ideal for both pest control and target shooting at ranges up to and exceeding 40 meters. The expertly crafted rifled barrel with the shroud reduces the muzzle noise whilst offering umatched accuracy. The thumbhole stock comes in a choice of variations offering both comfort and style when out shooting. 

This rifle features a Weaver rail allowing for a scope to be mounted and is filled using a quick fill probe. To top of this high quality rifle you get 2 x 12 shot magazines and 2 x filling adaptors, one is the standard 1/8th BSP threadh and the other a Fosters quick fill Connection. 

If you have any questions about this product, dont hesitate to email us at sales@regael.com where one of our technicians will get back to you with the relevant information.