Zbroia Kozak Lothar Walther .177

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Product Description

Made in the Ukraine by Zbroia, the Kozak is one of the most popular new bullpup rifles on the market today. This lightweight rifle is made to a compact bullpup design that retains the longer barrel of a sporter style rifle but in a much more manageable shape. This means manoeuvrable and accurate shooting, perfect for hunters.

This version of the Kozak is made with a Lothar Walther barrel that known around the world for being one of the most consistent barrels that money can buy. The Kozak LW also comes equipped with a larger air reservoir that provides a higher shot count. The gun has a thumbhole stock and can be made from walnut or ash and is available in either black or brown. The stock has an adjustable cheekpiece.

The rifle is full powered, shooting just under the legal limit and comes equipped a rail along the top to mount scopes or sights.

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