EK Archery Blade+ Compound Crossbow - 175lbs

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Product Description

The Blade+ adds a variety of improvements to the already popular Blade model to make this crossbow one of the most popular that EK manufacture.

The Blade+ builds on the originators success sought after additions such as a string stopper and limb silencers to improve on its already effective performance. The extendable stock is reinforced ambidextrously shaped to ensure crossbow shooters of all kinds can use this bow effectively.

Package Includes...
4x32 Crossbow Scope
Cocking Rope
3 x 20" Aluminium Bolts
3 Bolt Quiver
String Wax
String Stopper
Limb Silencers


If you have any questions about this product, dont hesitate to email us at sales@regael.com where one of our technicians will get back to you with the relevant information.