EK Archery Robin Hood Recurve Bow

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Product Description

The Robin Hood bow is a light weight bow with a medium draw weight making it perfect for the beginner archers to either start in the wonderful world of archery, or for juniors to upgrade to, and improve their skills.
The bow is fully ambidextrous which makes it very flexible this also makes it ideal for clubs as one bow can be used by many people. 

The limbs are made from a high quality fibreglass which equate to a draw weight of 30 - 35 lbs depending on draw length, so it is powerful enough to provide great accuracy at longer distances, but not too powerful that it is unusable by younger archers.
The draw length is 22" - 29" which also assists in serving a variety of frame sizes and abilities. 

The Package includes: 
2 x 30" Fibreglass Arrows
Simple Quiver
Finger Tab

If you have any questions about this product, dont hesitate to email us at sales@regael.com where one of our technicians will get back to you with the relevant information.